For Verona there are 3 tours that will guide you through every corner of this wonderful city.
•The Arena and the City Centre
After leaving picturesque Piazza Bra that houses the Arena symbol of the city, this itinerary takes you to the heart of Verona where you reach Piazza delle Erbe, an authentic jewel set amongst the palaces of the city’s centre.
•Tour of the Adige
Verona was founded on a bend of the Adige River which this itinerary has you crossing various times. The route allows you to admire the imposing Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) and the fascinating Duomo (Cathedral) complex, and a splendid view of the city and the river from Castel San Pietro.
•Veronetta and the panorama on Verona
This tour conducted entirely on the left bank of the Adige River unwinds between the narrow streets of Veronetta and the hedgerows of the majestic Giusti Garden then climbs to Castel San Pietro from where you can enjoy an incredibly breathtaking view of Verona.