VikTour proposes 2 paths that will allow you to spot any single feature of this outstanding and charming city.
•Tour of the Walls
The itinerary takes you around the completed pathway that follow the renaissance walls, redesigned in the 16th century by the architect Fra’ Giocondo from the “ Repubblica Serenissima di Venezia” (the most serene republic of Venice). besides the walls and the gateways preserved in perfect condition, you can admire the “Ponte de Pria” (Pria bridge), from which part the three canals that flow through Treviso’s historical centre.
•Tour of the City Centre
In the pulsating heart of the city, among canals, quaint niches and corners, you encounter, one after another, frescoed palaces, medieval churches and convents. Passing by Via Calmaggiore (in the very centre of the city) you arrive in the splendid and elegant Piazza dei Signori (the square of the aristocracy) where you can still perceive the charm of the communal age.

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