VikTour offers 2 itineraries so that you will discover the best of Ferrara!
•Addizione Erculea
This path guides you through to the wider streets of the Herculean Addition a real masterpiece of urbanisation of the Renaissance. In this part of the city, which abounds in greenery, you can admire the famous Palazzo dei Diamanti (the Diamond Palace) and the splendid Certosa.
•Ferrara of Estes
The centre of power of the Este family such as the Castello (the castle) and the Palazzo Municipale (the municipal palace) and the places allocated to entertainment for the family for example the Giardino delle Duchesse (the Gardens of the Duchesses) and Palazzo Schifanoia can be admired by following the itinerary that evolves around the heart of the ancient historical centre of Ferrara and by passing through the narrow streets of the ghetto and the charming Via delle Volte.