We are travelers.
We are curious and passionate.
We love our country.

Viktour was born from the idea of combining our passion for travel and discovery with our wish to enhance all of the wonderful things of our wonderful country.

So, almost for fun, we asked ourselves what we would like to find, know and feel when we visit a place and then we converted it into an app, simple and funny, that would help many like us, curious and passionate travelers.

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Travel Guides from another world

By means of our direct experience we look for points of interest, the best monuments and places of a city, and linking them we create our itineraries, first on the road and then on the map.

While telling you the story of every site, just like listening to a fairy tale, our guides will carry you to the discovery of the most beautiful cities of Italy.

Vik’s World

Vik is a funny globe-trotter. After exploring most of the universe he landed on Earth and fell in love with our planet.
And with his backpack he started a discovery travel, looking for breath-taking views and cultural knowledge.
Along with Vik we’ll have the chance to visit many cities and we’ll become his travel companions.


Why VikTour?

Because every town is different and therefore unique and our guides are like a tailormade suit, created and adapted according to the peculiarity of every site.
Because we love to commit ourselves for our country and culture.
Because our guides are geolocalized and can lead travelers along the tours.
Our guides are available in 5 different languages, both audio and text, and contents are edited by professional translators.
Because there are plenty of useful info.
User-friendly, simple and intuitive, with a funny style.

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Along with Vik we’ll visit many different cities and we’ll become his travel companions.

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